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Osteo Book
The Osteoporosis Exercise Book, 2nd Edition by Sherri R. Betz, PT, was written to help you incorporate safe mat exercises into your bone-building program. The exercises will help you build bone density of the spine and hip, improve posture and balance, and increase flexibility and mobility. You will also learn how to avoid movements that increase the risk of fracture. Includes photos, nutritional recommendations, and some of the latest research findings on Osteoporosis.
Over 100 photos, 104 pages.

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PrePilates DVD Pre-Pilates for Rehabilitation DVD was designed by physical therapist, Sherri Betz to introduce you to the Pilates principles of breathing, spinal aignment, core control, shoulder girdle alignment, postural re-education and overall body awareness. If you have been injured in group exercise programs or working out at the gym, this might just be the perfect program for you! Let us help you exercise without increasing your pain.
40 minutes


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Osteo DVD
Pilates Exercises for Osteoporosis DVD was designed by physical therapist, Sherri Betz to help you incorporate safe Pilates exercises into your bone building program. Many Pilates exercises can be contraindicated and unsafe for those with low bone density. By modifying Joseph Pilates' basic exercises and incorporating sound physical therapy principles, you will learn the best exercises to build the bones of the most vulnerable areas of the hip and spinal vertebrae.
57 minutes


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Seniors DVD

Pilates for Seniors - The Osteoporosis Workout DVD - was developed for Seniors or those who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor for exercises. Explanation of anatomy, proper breathing, spine positioning and deep abdominal contraction precedes the workout. All exercises done in seated or standing position. Includes instructions for safely getting down to and up off the floor without risk for fracture and a few exercises suggestions for exercises that can be done in bed. By Sherri Betz, PT.
64 min.


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Prenatal DVD Prenatal Pilates DVD with 3 Trimester Modifications was developed using guidelines from the Amercian College of Obstetrics and Gynecology to give the Pregnant Woman a safe Pilates Workout. Explanation of anatomy, proper breathing, & neutral spine precedes the workout. The video ends with a relaxing ocean meditation. Featuring: Sherri Betz, PT., Kimberly Pinkson & Kay-Lord Stout.
1 hr 22 min


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Low back pain DVD Dealing With Acute Low Back Pain DVD. This video was developed by Physical Therapist, Harry Benich, to enhance the progress and effectiveness of a physical therapy program for patients with Acute Low Back Injuries. Due to shrinking reimbursement by health insurances, physical therapists are often very limited in the time they have with patients and often the treatment programs cannot be completed, restoring patients to full pre-injury status. Included are several principles and basic skills that most patients with spine or lumbo-pelvic injuries should learn prevent further injury and allow healing to occur as rapidly as possible.
55 minutes.


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Heart to Hearts The Heart to Hearts, Inc. Meditation CD was designed to give you an experience of relaxation and meditation. The proceeds of this CD go to support the Heart to Hearts Women's Wellness Program, a Non-Profit Foundation whose goal is to "Empower Women through Education". 45 minutes Narrated by Sherri Betz, PT. Music by Kevin Halliez.

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Pilates for Osteoporosis Course




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