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TheraPilates MAT for Bone Building & Injuries DVD's

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Evening and Saturday Physical Therapy Hours Available!

with Jenny, Laura and Katrina, Licensed PT's

Call 476-3100 or BOOK ONLINE

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Upcoming Events, Courses and Classes:

National Osteoporosis Foundation 2015 Conference UPDATE

Read the many updates on exercise for kyphosis, vertebral fracture and hip fracture from Kathy Shipp, PhD, PT, and Wendy Katzman, PT, DSc, OCS, researcher at UCSF, Exercise for Osteoporosis Research by Debbie Rose, PhD, and Karen Kemmis, DPT. Also read controversial reviews on the relationship Calcium to Cardiovascular Events by Dr. Andrea Singer and much more...Click to read


INTRO to TheraPilates® for Bone Building & Injuries Class - Aug 18-Sep 29

Class begins Tuesday Aug 18th at 12pm! or Thursday Sep 3rd at 9:00am

Introduction to Pilates for Bone Building & Injuries Tuesdays 12:00-1:00pm (Begins Aug 18th) Thursdays 9:00-10:00am (Begins Sep 3rd)

Call to Register 475-6115 or Register ONLINE for Next Session: Aug 18 - Sep 29


TheraPilates® SATURDAY MAT CLASS .......................with Dorothy Raftery

Drop-Ins Welcome! CLICK to REGISTER

Pilates Mat......................................... Saturdays Ongoing 11:00am

For more information or to reserve your place in the class, call 831-476-3100


TheraPilates® Yoga for Bone Building & Injuries with Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, PMA®-CPT

Drop-Ins Welcome! CLICK to REGISTER CHECK Schedule for DROP-IN Availability

Class Location: TheraPilates 920-A 41st Avenue .6 week series on Thursdays 10:15am

Class Begins on Thursday, Sept 3rd, 2015

For more information or to reserve your place in the class by phone, call 831-476-3100

Warrior 2

TheraPilates® for Bone Building & Injuries and Better Bones & Balance Classes

NEXT Class Series through Capitola Recreation Center Begins Aug 17th!

Call to Register: 475-6115

Introduction to Pilates for Bone Building & Injuries Tuesdays 12:00pm (Begins Aug 18th) ........... Thursdays 9:00am (Begins Sept 3)

Yoga for Bone Building & Injuries ........................ Thursdays 10:15am (Drop-Ins Welcome-check sched) (

Advanced Pilates Mat for Bone Building................ Mon/Wed 8:45am (Begins Aug 17th)

Intermediate Pilates Mat for Bone Building............ Mon/Wed 10:00am (Begins Aug 17th)

Better Bones and Balance.............................. Mon/Wed 11:15am (Begins Aug 17th)

Register ONLINE Next Session: Aug 17-Sep 23

Sherri Betz

Physical Therapy Appointments available with Katrina Vandenberg and Jenny Putt, Licensed PTs

Read more about Katrina and Jenny....

Call 476-3100 or BOOK ONLINE



Learn about shoulder posture, releiving impingement, lifting techniques and simple exercises to heal your achey shoulder!


Oct 13th, 6:30–8 p.m.
CHOMP: Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
Conference rooms A, B, and C
23625 Holman Highway

Email or Call to Register: or 622-2767

Shoulder 2

Pilates Reformer/Apparatus Classes: Get re-aligned and strong with high quality instruction in small groups of 5 for a low cost. NEW Class added with the fabulous Michele Franzella at 11am on MONDAYS!

Check the NEW Schedule online!

Email or Call to Register 831-476-3100

Michele Franzella

Strategies for Functional Stabilization:

"Frail to Fit with Therapeutic Pilates Principles"

with Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, PMA®-CPT

  • 2016 Schedule: TBA

Register online at:

Download Flyer with course content, objectives and schedule


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