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Here is some unsolicited acclaim from people who have benefited from working with us at TheraPilates®:

Sherri Betz is absolutely one of my Movement Educator heroes! I have just watched the trailer and will definitely be buying her new Yoga for Osteoporosis DVD! i took an Osteoporosis Course from her several years ago--she personifies the word "expert." If you practice yoga, have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and would like some science informed modifications...I highly recommend.

PS. She is truly one of the sweetest people on the planet, and this comes through in her instruction.

Margy V., Bishop, CA

First of all THANK YOU for the fantastic workshop this past weekend, it was so great to spend time with you up close and personal! You are truly an admirable clinician and inspiring pilates instructor! I am so impressed with your vast knowledge of the literature and your ability to convey it in a way that makes it easily understandable for pilates practitioners and those without a medical background. You really instill the importance to seek more knowledge and understand the importance of the science to better serve special populations – well done!

Jane H., Minneapolis, MN

I've just completed your Intro to Pilates class for the 2nd time and I wanted to thank you so much for all the great information and help you pour out to all your students. I'm really glad I took the course twice, because the second time around things started to sink in. Even though I can't take time off from the farm during the summer months, I have all I need to practice every day (well, almost!) even for just 10 or 15 minutes. I look forward to attending your next level class this fall and feel confident that I'll be ready for it! Thanks so much for the great work you do to help all of us!

Thanks again for your wonderful work to make the world a better place!

Lori P., Santa Cruz, CA, Blue Heron Farms

Dear Sherri,
I woke up last Monday morning and immediately started reviewing some of the amazing things we learned over the weekend. I began to think about how I was going to incorporate all of this new knowledge into both my teaching and my life! I have been so PUMPED! So far, my first weeks of teaching with all of this new information have been fantastic. My clients are loving it too! I also have already spoken to the Tai Chi studio up at the corner about teaching a class. So, I would certainly say your course was informative, inspirational and very applicable! Hands down, the best workshop I've taken so far. Thank you for coming to Minneapolis. I will look forward to your return!

Abbie K., Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for all of your love, support, compassion, understanding, and teaching skills. This course was something that literally changed my life, and the way I see myself. I have been in other Pilates classes, seminars etc. where I came away discouraged and feeling rather hopeless about my body in particular, and it's ability to do Pilates in general. This experience was so much the opposite!

Connie C., San Jose, CA

The TheraPilates for Osteoporosis Course was one of the best courses I have ever taken! It was packed with information, organized and hands on. More than ever I am inspired to be a better physical therapist and spread the word about best practices for the treatment of osteoporosis. Thank you Sherri for a fantastic course!

Susan H., New York, NY

I was going to wait to thank you so I could revamp my email page to look more professional. I do not want to wait. Thank you for your very informative, clear, passionate, and compassionate workshop this weekend.I have been teaching Pilates for almost 15 years--movement for almost 20. Your workshop is one of the best I have attended for many reasons.

I am changing my teaching immediately. I am teaching my teachers next week. This is important information to help folks realize they have the ability to DO and CHOOSE to improve their quality of life.

Monica Anderson: Tone Pilates, Santa Rosa, CA

Sherri Betz has been a godsend to me! I credit her TheraPilates work with helping me regain upper body strength and confidence. Activities like playing piano that become painful have once again become stress-free and enjoyable! What a difference!

Susan P., Boulder Creek, CA

Thank you so much for an enlightening course! I got so much out of it and cannot wait to apply what I learned. Thank you for an incredible weekend of learning and discovery as well as your generosity and gracious hospitality. I am touched by your service, giving back to the community and your heart for the mature population, not to mention, very appreciative of the stupendous TheraPilates® for Osteoporosis Course and outstandingly thorough manual.  This weekend has affected me in very profound way, it was by day.......that I was being lead to pursue this avenue of working with the mature demographic. The observation day was truly the icing on the cake for us; improving/maintaining quality of life, and more importantly, "better bones".  Your students in the group classes were absolutely amazing with such strength and great body awareness!
Awesome course! I appreciate how thorough your work is! Thanks for an inspiring and fun weekend of learning!
Thank you once again for the wonderful information and your uplifting attitude. I was blessed to be in Miami for the whole week but saved the best class for last.

Just a quick comment about Sherri Betz and Sara Meeks - two wonderful, passionate osteoporosis experts who frequently share their knowledge on this site. About 14 years ago I visited Sherri in her Santa Cruz, California studio. She was very generous with her time as she worked with a small group of motivated women with osteoporosis. I purchased Sherri's osteoporosis materials that I still reference today. She is chair of Bone Health in the APTA geriatric section. Check out her multiple TV spots on osteoporosis and posture. Sherri also introduced me to Pilates. I just experienced a sciatic back injury and sought a PT with Pilates background to get me back to work as efficiently as possible. It made a huge difference. I have also taken several of Sara's excellent osteo courses over the years. Her material sits right next to Sherri's in my blue-ribbon section. As a physical therapist myself, I am proud to be acquainted with both of these knowledgeable ladies. They motivate me on all fronts. I highly recommend their courses and books!

Marion J.,PT, Baton Rouge, LA

I really enjoyed your course and got so much from your outstanding presentation. Thank you for your energy, knowledge and inspiration. I have been going through the material you shared with us and have implemented many things already. I plan to continue reviewing and refining.
This was one of the best courses I have ever taken, and I have taken a LOT of PT courses over the past 20 years!

Working with Sherri Betz at TheraPilates has changed my life, and in a most positive way! About 15 years ago, a major auto accident caused me significant neck trauma. Since that time, I've had six surgeries and have worked with a lot of healthcare professionals, including years of traditional physical therapy, Feldenkrais work, Alexander work, and Polarity therapy. I'm a dedicated gym rat and had also worked with a personal fitness instructor to find stretches and exercises I could do without exacerbating my neck and balance problems.

I started working with Sherri last August, and my body feels so different! I'm much stronger...and sitting, standing, and walking all feel more integrated. My abdominals have gotten stronger than they'd ever been, and my stretching routine at the gym is now filled with Pilates-type movements. Thanks Sherri!

Gary Hillerson, Corralitos, CA

"Thank you again for teaching such a wonderful course. I learned a tremendous amount of information and I cannot believe how thick your manual is!"

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